Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why No Attacks Since 9/11?

Despite daily bombings in Iraq, train bombings in England, Spain and India, rocketing of Israelm, bombings of Indonesia, there have been no organized terrorist attacks in the past five years on U.S. soil Why not? Eleanor Clift has the answer on this week's McLaughlin Group:

The fact that they haven't attacked for the past five years is not because President Bush is keeping us safer; it is because they are really methodically plotting something and they do not want to do something that is anti-climatic.

That's right Eleanor. I can see the weekly planning meeting now:

Meeting Leader: "C'mon people. We need good ideas! Who has one ... and Ali, the meeting to poison the watermellon at the IBM corporate picnic was a good one, but not big enough. We need to think bigger!

Assembled group gives blank stares, all look down at table.

ML: O.K. People, sometime and place next week, but bring ideas!

Yeah, that's the reason. Keep thinking hard Eleanor.


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